Lalibela Special Women’s Clinic

This project is intended to establish a modern clinic in Lalibela, Ethiopia, to serve women by treating and helping to prevent cases of pelvic organ prolapse, a distressing condition that is particularly common in the region, and which has far-reaching consequences for many victims.

abebe1-200The project is headed by Abebe Zwedu of Lalibela. Abebe, 32, is a professional nurse, currently working to gain his Masters of Public Health, who works to promote women’s health in northern Ethiopia. He has long had a special interest in women’s health and empowerment, both of which are important social issues locally.  Since 2014 he has worked as a professional nurse in the rural areas around two government health centers in northern Ethiopia. He has regularly encountered pelvic organ prolapse cases while serving as a nurse in this capacity, and this experience is what drives him to set up a special clinic in Lalibela.

Lalibela Womens Clinic discussion doc